New Beginning Classes

Join pastor Kevin Williams every Saturday morning.

Day: Saturday
Time:10 am

Place: 600 North St
Hannibal Mo 63401


Masters Reset

With Pastor Kevin Williams
The Masters Reset Experience

The Masters Reset is a 12 Week Class

Come and Experience “SOZO”

Day: Sunday
Time: 9 am
Place: 600 North St
Hannibal Mo 63401


The word "SOZO" means
"complete restoration of the body, soul and spirit; to be made whole."
Sozo is a Greek word and translated it means literally "saved" and whole.

Matthew 1:21 For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment,
I shall be whole.

The church is sick because individuals are sick. Hurt people hurt people. That is why we ask all of our members to go through this 16 week class. So that the Kingdom of God can show itself strong within our congregation and we can know who we are in Christ.