Here at Embassy we have a unique pastoral team.

Together we lead the citizens of the Kingdom of God as we ourselves follow the king. This unique arrangement produces a leadership model as seen in the book of Acts. With the Holy Spirit governing our decisions we corporately chart the direction and destination of our church. We all have our areas of the ministry where we excel, and this develops a win-win situation for anyone wanting to grow their spirit man to its full potential. We pray that you come seeking a life changing encounter with Jesus.



Sr. Pastor Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams was born in 1957 in Hannibal Mo, born again in the spring of 1984. I have been married to my wife Donna since 1984. She has truly been a helpmate, and given me much support in all of my time of ministry. We have been blessed with nine children, and 21 grandchildren, and many beautiful foster children through the years. I truly believe that my children and grandchildren are a gift from God, and I thank Him for allowing me the great responsibility of passing the word of God to many generations to come.

I accepted my call to the ministry in 1989. I served in many areas of ministry including teen pastor at a full gospel church for seventeen years under Bishop E.L. Warren in Quincy Illinois. Then God sent me to my hometown of Hannibal Missouri, to be Pastor of New Generation Ministries for five years. Because of the way God has recently been moving in our area we feel that it takes a team to carry the glory of God. In 2006 New Generations merged with Embassy, and I became part of the pastor team of Embassy.

My personal drive is to create healthy people in the body of Christ, many times we find that Christians are saved but still broken. God has impressed upon me the need to teach about the more abundant life he has for his people.